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Root Cause of Pain

"Dr. Mani is highly professional with his work. When I was under his care, he’d exhibited a great patience with my non-stop questions and helped me understand the root cause of my pain. It was easy and comfortable to talk with him. One thing that really surprised me was that Dr. Mani was never late for my appointments. (Wow!) All in all, it was an awesome experience. Thank you, Dr.Mani!"

- H Chen.

Knowledgeable and Thorough

"I have been seen Kaarthick Mani for a variety of issues. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. His office is clean and comfortable and his staff is always helpful.
The manual physical therapy which Dr. Mani provides is unbelievable effective.
Recently, I had sudden-onset back pain. I called Dr. Mani on Saturday morning and he told me to come in right away. I was barely able to walk when I arrived; an hour later I walked out of his office without pain.
Dr. Mani is the only one Physical Therapist I will see and I could not more highly recommend him to anyone in need of PT."

-M Doody.

Cross Country Running Injuries

"I have been going to Dr. Kaarthick on and off for over 3 years now for various injuries from a stress fracture in my foot to issues with my shins. Each time he has taken great care to diagnose, explain the injury, and help me get back to running shape in record time. One thing that sets him apart from other physical therapists is when he makes an appointment with you your appointment is your time. His treatment is individualized and his full attention is on you while you are there for the entirety of each visit. He is kind hearted, personable, and truly cares for his patients Dr. Kaarthick is the only PT I trust to help treat my injuries."

- Madilyn S.

Avoiding Surgery

"Dr Mani is an incredible physical therapist! He is extremely knowledgeable and attentive to your concerns and condition. He does a lot of manual therapy vs other therapists who sometimes just assign an exercise plan and leave you to get better on your own. I'm forever grateful to Dr. Mani as I'm positive it is his care that has kept me from the back surgery I thought I was headed for a few years ago. My primary care physician recommended his services to me, and now, having finding such relief, I strongly recommend him to everyone in need of care, especially those that are considering surgery for musculoskeletal conditions!"

- Heather H. 

Welcoming and Personable

"Dr. Mani and the rest of the staff were extremely welcoming and personable. I came in unable to walk comfortably and in the matter of weeks I feel nearly as good as new. Scheduling was super flexible and therapy was expertly tailored to my needs. Hopefully I won't need physical therapy again any time soon --- but if I do it will be with Dr. Mani."

- Justin B.

Small Business

"Dr. Mani is a very knowledgeable and effective professional Physical Therapist.
I was so happy with the results of my pain.
He is nice, and on top of that he is a small business."

- Jacquelyn G.

Excellent Care

"The clinc provides excellent care and rehabilitation. Kaarthick understands the human body and is one of the smartest individuals I have ever met. The service is also very compassionate and caring. If you want professional care, this is the place to come."

- Ray J.


"I have found OMT Associates to be very effective dealing with several issues I have had over the years. Appointments run on time and I have never felt rushed. I also appreciate the honesty and knowledge in explaining my treatments. I highly recommended this practice."

-Mary S.

Total Knee Replacement

"I recently used Kaarthick Mani as my Physical Therapist after my total knee replacement. From the first phone interaction with his office, he, as well as his staff, were nothing but professional! He explained what was needed to rehab and how to get the best outcome. As I progressed he continued to help me understand how we were working to improve and strengthen my leg. He also made adjustments as I progressed. He was always encouraging and very helpful. I would highly would recommend him to anyone who needs PT!!! He is the best!"

- Patricia B.

Timely and professional

"I am very pleased with the services received from Dr. Mani and his staff. They have been extremely courteous, timely, and very professional. I have experienced tremendous relief from the treatment received. I highly recommend OMTA Physical Therapy."

- Shree M.

Walking Pain Free

"A huge thanks to Dr Mani. Because of him I'm able to walk again after an injury. He is incredibly brilliant and after 2 minutes of his treatment I could walk pain free. I'm so grateful for all his help and sharing his knowledge and treatment protocols so we can stay on our wellness journey."

- Chris C. 

Life Saver

"100% see only Dr. Mani for spine physical therapy! After 2 cervical spine surgeries (C2-C7 fusion) I was told not to go to PT and risk further damage. In chronic pain the docs recommended ONLY seeing Dr. Mani @ OMTA. He is a lifesaver! I have less pain, I can sleep thru the night without my Aspen collar and I have hope of returning to close to normal and managing my chronic pain better. My only regret is that I didn't see Dr. Mani sooner & may have not needed the 2nd surgery."

- K.G.

Rib Pain and Breathing Issues

"I've had a fabulous expereince! For the last few years, I've had pain in my right lower ribs which made exercise difficult and painful. Since seeing Kaarthick, I've had almost zero pain and feel back to my old self."

-Amber D.

1:1 Care

"Been to many PTs over the years and Dr. Mani is very, very good. Initially went to one of the bigger "factory shops"  but it's hit or miss there, basically you need to get lucky. After hitting a plateau with no progress, I wanted a specialist - I found Dr. Mani in the AAOMPT. I had a shoulder issue - he eval'd me, gave a progress plan, and executed on it. Very happy, my shoulder is near 100% now and am in maintenance mode. His care is 1:1, not jumping b/t 2-3 folks."

- Anonymous.


"When I first came to Dr. Mani, I was experiencing considerable pain from my right gluteus to my lower leg. I hurt just to walk. This occurred for almost two months before my PCP put me in contact with Dr. Mani. After only a few sessions of manual therapy, I improved significantly. I have had in the neighborhood of ten to twelve sessions. Today, I occasionally have slight discomfort which leaves as soon as it shows up. Dr. Mani has worked a miracle on my life. I'm basically pain free!'

-James B. 

Car Accident and Pain

"My experience with OMTA has been very beneficial to me. After the car accident, I had problems with standing, sitting, and sleeping. The above activities caused extreme pain for me. My knee is basically pain free after the therapy. My lower back is approximately 95% better. The care, concern, and the service given to me has been great. I thank Dr. Mani, DPT for the excellent care."

- Evelyn R.

Recommend K Mani with the Highest Confidence and Respect

"My doctor recommended  Kaarthick Mani because I had a painful, immobilizing sensation form the back of my neck, up my skull and around my ear, forming a question mark (?) path of misery. It was most prevalent on the right side and was gradually intensifying on the left sdie. Kaarthick Mani asked me many questions and examined me closely, asking me to make various movements of my head and neck. In a matter of minutes, with out X-Rays, he was able to locate the structural and muscular causes of the nerve pinching that was causing such pains. He coached me, over a period of weeks, with few sets of exercises that almost immediately provided relief WITHOUT MEDICATION. I am extremely grateful to Kaarthick Mani, who explained issues in such a way that I understood exactly what was going on. His frank prognosis of my spine degeneration without surgical intervention has been a great motivation for me to practice my home exercises religioulsy. I am extremely grateful and enligthened."

- Russell M. 

One on One Personal Care

"When I came here for PT, I was in extreme pain from my sciatica. Dr. Mani had me with less pain in 2 days & no pain in 3 days. The exercises, joint specific movements and massages worked wonders. I also liked the on on one personal experience. I highly recommend Dr. Mani."

- Nancy K.W.

Difficulty to Walk and Climb Stairs

"When I came to OMTA Physical Therapy, I was having back pain and pain in the thighs to just below the knees. I was having so much pain that it was very difficult to walk and climb stairs. I finally saw my doctor and she referred me to Kaarthick. At first it was hard to do any of the exercises, both from pain and weakness. As time went on my balance made it safer to climb stairs. I am now pain free and my balance is much better. I will continue to do the home exercises to maintian these changes. Kaarthick has been great! I would definitely recommend OMTA Physical Therapy to anyone needing therapy. Thanks Kaarthick!"

- Susan D.

Professional and Thorough

"Before PT, I had pain in my lower back which prevented me from sitting for very long. I also had trouble falling asleep. This pain is gone now- I have no issues with sitting or falling asleep.

Kaarthick is very professional. He welcomes questions and explains what he is doing very thoroughly. I would highly recommend him!"

- Nancy B.

Thigh Pain and Physical Therapy

“I was skeptical about coming to do physical therapy for my thigh pain, because I didn't believe that therapy would work for the pain that I was experiencing. My doctor referred me to Dr. Mani so I came to see him. Well, I'm glad I did! He took the time to explain what the exercises he was giving me were working and why, and he is very easy to talk to. He made me very comfortable to be able to ask my questions and doubts I had. Now with all the knowledge that I have about the exercises, I will be able to continue them at home. I am a believer on physical therapy and never will hestiate to seek out the assistance of a physical therapist in the future". 

-Maria M.

Frozen Shoulder pain 

“I had a great experience with Dr. Kaarthick Mani. He patiently listened to my problems, understood and diagnosed the cause. This therapy helped me to bring back my right shoulder function to almost normal. I had difficulty with moving my shoulder freely and it was a typical 'frozen shoulder'. My pain is almost gone now with therapy with in a span of 6 weeks". 

- Hari S. 

Concierge Level Services

“My first visit was in 2016 for a hip issue. I could barely walk a mile without a lot of pain. This was difficult for some one who enjoyed outdoor hiking. My quality of life had slipped away. I worked with Dr. Kaarthick Mani and was back to walking 4 to 5 miles and enjoying my out door hiking after few sessions of PT. In 2017, I had a back problem and the experience was similar. The quality of life improved and I was able to do all the activities I loved. Compared to other physical therapy places that I had been to in the past, OMTA provides what I view as concierge level services with excellent results.” 

- Ben E. 

I Wish I had Gone to Him Sooner

“I've have had issues with my neck for several years now. When I was a child, I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis. Never gave me issues. About 3-4 years ago, I started experiencing neck pain wiht numbness and tingling going down my left arm. It was not until a few months ago that I decided to do something about it. My physician referred me to Kaarthick. After 2-3 sessions, I noticed significant improvemnt in my neck pain. Kaarthick is very professional and would definitely recommend this practice to any one."

- Kristine G. 

Walk Pain Free

"Walking was painful prior to PT session here. Since initiation of therapy at OMTA, I am 99% free of pain."

- Ernie R.

Thanks a Lot

"I sustained an ITB and tibialis tendinitis pain while practicing for a 5K run. Several sessions of PT at another facility did improve a bit and would hurt again while started to run. I have to quit running for a while. I had an injury screen with Kaarthick. He provided a thorough examination and identified the root cause of my injury. He was methodical and found the source why I was having a tendinitis. Thanks a lot."

- Sam S. 

Greatful to OMTA

"Six years ago I suffered a spinal injury, which I thought, over time, would go away. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The injury progressively worsened to the point that I had limited mobility (moving side to side). After trying a treatment sessions elsewehre, I felt no improvements and believed it was just going to be the situation I had to deal with . After hearing that manual therapy was an option, I decided to give it a shot. In just a few appointments I have regained nearly all mobility. I'm very greatful to Dr. Kaarthick Mani. He took all the time to work this out. He will surely receive recommendations from this happy patient".

- Kyle A. 

Caring Attitude

"My history includes back surgery, mutiple joint replacements and much physical therapy. I have found the therapy at OMTA Physical Therapy to be unequaled, especailly in finding the areas that need to be treated which are not always the places where I feel pain. 

Further, the amount of hands-on treatment and its effectiveness is the best I've experienced. The same is true for the caring attitude and the accomodation I've received. I have highly recommended OMTA to my friends."

- John T Jr.

Good Therapy Experience

“Kaarthick took great care of me from the first visit to the last visit.

He and his assistant were very flexible to work with my schedule to get appointments on the calendar.

Kaarthick took the time to explain what was happening with my knee and he was right on target with how my rehab would progress after my complex knee surgery.

The time that I spent at his office was a big help to getting me moving again. Kaarthick has a lot of experience that he brings to his practice. It was a very good experience working with him for my physical therapy.”

- John R.

Back Pain Relief

“I have been to physical therapy a number of times over the past two decades with questionable outcomes. I have just completed two and a half months of treatments with Kaarthick Mani with demonstrable results.

He has all but eliminated back pains that I have had for more than a decade and he helped to repair some chronic neck issues left from a neck fusion surgery. His personal touch and his ability to explain the problem leaves me with the impression that he is concerned for my well being.

So anyone who seeks a professional approach to not just treating a problem but fixing one, should seek out Kaathick’s services.

With Kaarthick you are not just a number, but rather a challenge.”

- Tom T.

Chronic Pain Issue Solved

“I was referred to OMTA Physical Therapy by my primary care physician for a chronic lower right back pain that I have experienced, off and on, for 30 years. During that time period I saw a number of physical therapists, tried various exercises and took a lot of pain killers, to little or no real relief.

Several months ago I aggravate the back, and the pain became excruciating. Then I went to see Kaarthick. Within a few sessions there was noticeable change and relief. Within a few weeks, there was significant improvement. Today, I have much greater movement and flexibility in the back.

I have many fewer episodes of pain and I have “exercises” that truly help my back. I think it has even improved my golf game!”

- Mike D.

Pleased with Treatment

“I have gone to several physical therapists over the years for low back pain. I have had the best results by far with Kaarthick. He is much more knowledgeable about the spine than most PTs, and I have gotten better relief from my pain with him.

He is also a patient listener and is easy to talk to, will give you an honest opinion, and will spend as much time with you per session as you needed.

I have recommended Kaarthick to two friends – one for back pain and the other for a foot/ankle problem. They were also very pleased with their treatment from Kaarthick.”

- Cheryl T.


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